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A novel approach to studying anatomy

SILC affiliate Leonardo Shapiro combines spatial learning with anatomy.

“A novel observation method has been introduced into UCT’s [University of Cape Town] Division of Human Anatomy and Biological Anthropology by Leonard Shapiro, an artist who applies scientific thinking and method to the field of observation in anatomy education.

Shapiro, who has an honours degree in fine art from UCT as well as a BSocSci, has developed a multisensory observation method called Haptico-Visual Observation and Drawing (HVO&D), that employs the sense of touch (haptics) as well as sight, coupled with the simultaneous act of gesture drawing. He has been teaching this method to medical students since 2015 and more recently to medical professionals.”

Shapiro says, “’Many people think that they can’t draw and that only the ‘gifted’ or talented can draw. This is absolutely not the case. Anyone can be guided towards their ability to observe and draw ‘”.