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LAi4D Designer Widget

The Lab of Artificial Intelligence for Design or (LAi4D), a non-profit research initiative of Lai4d Systems, has created an online widget to allow users to build simple or complex 3D models.  The widget is user-friendly and does not require professional experience or training of CAD systems.  It can also be used as a 3D viewer widget, a free light 3D CAD tool, “this CAD tool incorporates a special design assistant in charge of extracting conceptual geometries from pictures or sketches provided by the user as input”.

The tool is free and available online without registration which allows the broader community to both access it and provide feedback on this technology to make it better.  You can view two simple tutorials below, or  click here to start creating 3D models with the LAI4D designer.


these tools are courtesy of SILC network member Juan Andres Hurtado and LAi4D: