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Qualitative Representations: How People Reason and Learn about the Continuous World

Forbus, K. D. (2018). Qualitative representations: How people reason and learn about the continuous world. Mit Press.

Written by SILC faculty member Ken Forbus, this book presents the argument that, “qualitative representations—symbolic representations that carve continuous phenomena into meaningful units—are central to human cognition.”

The book received endorsements from a number of scholars in the field, including director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and professor at the University College Cork, Ireland,  Barry O’Sullivan who said: “This book presents a broad and deep exposition of the field of qualitative reasoning. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the link between perception, cognition, and reasoning. The book beautifully brings together the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and psychology, in a way that only Ken Forbus can achieve.”

You can find the full summary, browse reviews, and purchase the book at MIT Press Books.