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Spatial learning partnership with University of Canberra

The STEM Education Research Center (SERC) at the University of Canberra invited David Uttal to spend most of February with their campus in Australia. Dr. Uttal worked collaboratively with SERC to consult on projects and work on research investigating the role of spatial thinking in STEM learning. One project David worked on is the Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) pilot project developed by SERC , and led a workshop about the role of spatial thinking in STEM. The ELSA app uses song and dance to engage students across a 100 preschools in Australia, and gives teachers flexibility in the interoperation of its use.  

You can learn more about SERC from Director Thomas Lowrie, who had this to say about the work done by SERC, “This research has allowed us to open the door to opportunities for action-based educational experiences and greater collaboration with educators and the wider STEM industry,”.