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First NameLast NameInstitutionWebsitePositionArea(s) of Interest
A DavidRedishUniversity of Minnesota

Department of Neuroscience, Decision-Making and Information
Processing in Neural Systems
A.M.BarrettKessler Foundation StaffMaking Hidden Disabilities Visible
AaronGardonyU.S. Army NSRDEC

Center for Applied Brain & Cognitive Sciences ResearcherSpatial Cognition; Human-computer interactions
AdinaLewLancaster University (UK)

Department of Psychology navigation;
Spatial memory;
Sociocognitive Consequences of Epilepsy in Development;
Provision of Services in Pediatric Epilepsy
AidenArnoldSpringboard Science
AileenCampanaroUniversity of Chicago
AlanCienkiVrije University Amsterdam

Faculty of Humanities, Language

Network Institute Linguistics;
Semantics and Conceptualization; Gesture Studies; Multimodal communication; grammar of spoken language; metaphor studies; comparative/contrastive linguistics
AlanaFoleyUniversity of Chicago

Susan Levine's Cognitive Development Lab
Alastair DSmithUniversity of Plymouth (UK)
AlbertPostmaUniversity of Utrecht (Netherlands)
AleksandraKaszowskaTufts University

Department of Psychology

Spatial Cognition Laboratory StudentSpatial Cognition; Visual Perception; Embodied Cognition; Human Factors; Engineering
Alex GLowry
AlexanderKranjecDuquesne University

Department of Psychology Psychology
AlexanderKlippelPennsylvania State University

Department of Geography

ChoroPhronesis Climate Change;
Immersive Analytics;
Designing Environmental Decision Support Systems;
Immersive Learning;
Spatial Cognition
AlexanderBooneUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Graduate StudentLarge-Scale Spatial Cognition;
Modeling,Display, and Understanding Uncertainty
AlexandraCarstensenUniversity of California, Berkeley Joint Role of Language and Culture in Abstract Reasoning
AlexandraMorrisonUniversity of Miami

Department of Psychology

Jha Lab
Alexandra KrullDavatzesTemple University

Department of Earth and Environmental Science FacultyPrecambrian Meteor Impacts;
Implications for the Early Earth
AlexiaGalatiUniversity of Cyprus

Psychology Department

Experimental Psychology Lab Experimental Psychology
Alice FHealyUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Psychology and Neuroscience

Healy/Bourne Laboratory EmeritusMemory; Cognitive Processes
AlinaNazarethTemple University Postdoctoral Cognitive Development; Spatial Development; Child Development
AlindaFriedmanUniversity of Alberta (Canada)

Department of Psychology FacultyVisual and Spatial Cognition
AlissaFerryUniversity of Manchester (UK)

Division of Human Communication, Development and Hearing
AllisonJaeger BerenaSt. John's University

Department of Psychology and Metacomprehension;
Text Comprehension;
Individual Differences
AllisonJaegerTemple University Diagrammatic Representations;
Spatial Ability
AllisonLiuUniversity of Pittsburgh

Department of Psychology StudentCognitive Psychology
Allison KChatterjeeMarian University, Indianapolis

Leighton School of Nursing StaffAssessment and Data Coordination
AlmutHupbachLehigh University

Department of Psychology of Memory Change
Alycia MHundIllinois State University

Department of Psychology

the Children's Research Laboratory and Behavioral Sciences; Developmental Psychology
AlysonEgglestonThe Citadel

Department of English, Fine Arts & Communications Interaction Effects; Technical and Scientific Writing and Pedagogy; Second Language-Learning
AmaliaIonescuNorthwestern University

STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools (SABES)
AmandaMcKerracherUniversity of California, Berkeley

Discourse, Interaction and Learning Lab (UK)
AmySheltonJohns Hopkins University Psychology; Cognitive Neuroscience
Amy ElizabethLearmonthWillam Paterson University

Department of Psychology

Cognition, Memory, and Development Lab Development; Comparative Development; Memory
AnatoliGorchetchnikovBoston University

Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems
AndreaFrickUniversity of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Department of Psychology of Spatial Cognition; Mental Representations; Imagery Abilities
AndreaFacoettiUniversity of Padua (Italy)

Department of General Psychology Neuropsychology
Andrés BFernández-RevellesUniversity of Granada (Spain)

Department of Physical Education and Sports

Insight Data Science Science
AndrewLovettNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Visual Cognition Lab StudentSpatial Reasoning; Problem-Solving
AndrewHecklerOhio State University

Department of Physics; Cosmology; Physics Education Research
AndrewBartoliniUniversity of Notre Dame

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences Graduate StudentStructural Health Monitoring;
Natural Hazard Risk Assessment
Andrew UFrankVienna University of Technology
AndriGerberZurich University of Applied Sciences/ZHAW (Switzerland)

Institute for Urban Landscape
AngelaSchweringUniversity of Muenster (Germany)

Spatial Intelligence Lab Cognition; Qualitative Spatial Reasoning; Cognitive Navigation
AnjaJamrozikPsychonomic Society Reasoning; Metaphoric Comparison; Spatial and Relational Language
AnjanChatterjeeUniversity of Pennsylvania

Department of Neurology Neuroscience of Spatial Attention;
Neural Basis of Language;
Relationship of Space and Language; Neuro-ethics; Neuro-aesthetics
AnnAlerNorthwestern University

Northwestern University Main and Mudd Libraries, GIS Services;
GIS and ArcGIS
AnnaPapafragouUniversity of Delaware

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Language & Cognition Lab
AnnaShustermanWesleyan University

Department of Psychology
http://ashusterman.faculty.wesleyan.eduFacultyLearning and Conceptual Development
Anne RSchutteUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln

Department of Psychology

Spatial Memory and Cognition Laboratory Development; Spatial Cognition
Anne UGoldUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)
Annie DeaunParkUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Human Performance Lab Alumni
AnthonyMcGregorDurham University (UK)

Department of Psychology; Memory; Cognition
Anthony GCohenUniversity of Leeds (UK)

School of Computing Intelligence; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Data and Sensor Fusion; Cognitive Vision; Spatial Representation and Reasoning; Geographical Information Science; Robotics
AnveshnaSrivastavaTata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)

Homi Babha Centre for Science Education
ArielGraceNorthwestern University
ArneEkstromUniversity of California, Davis

College of Biological Sciences

Center for Neruoscience
ArzuÇöltekinUniversity of Zurich

Department of Geography

Geographic Information Science Center Science; Visual Analytics; Visualization and Cartography; Virtual/Augmented Reality;
Gaze-Contingent Displays;
Eye-Tracking, Vision (Perception and Cognition), and; Human-Computer Interaction
AsifaMajidUniversity of York

Department of Psychology
AsliOzyurekMax Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Netherlands)

Multimodal Language and Cognition Lab Gestures that Speakers Use Along with Speech; Sign Languages (Established or Emerging)
AsyaNatapovTechnion-Isreal Institute of Technology Spatial Networks; Spatial Cognition; Urban Planning and Design; Agent Based Models; Virtual Environments
AtsushiShimojimaDoshisha University (Japan) and Information Science
Audrey LustigMichalNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Visual Cognition Lab
Autumn BHostetterKalamazoo College

Department of Psychology
AyannaThomasTufts University

Department of Psychology

The Cognitive Aging and Memory Lab
B. S. DayaSagarIndian Statistical Institute (India)

Systems Science and Informatics Unit (SSIU)
BaileyBonuraTufts University

Department of Psychology

Spatial Cognition Laboratory Student
BanchiamlackDessalegnUniversity of Chicago

Goldin-Meadow Laboratory
BarbaraLandauJohns Hopkins University

Department of Cognitive Science

Language and Cognition Lab
BarbaraTverskyStanford University

Department of Psychology Faculty EmeritusCognitive Psychology
BasilTikoffUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Geoscience Geology; Tectonics
BeatrixEmoSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Department of Humanities, Social and Political Science Science
BenjaminNelliganElectronic Arts (EA)
BenjaminStraubePhilipps-University Marburg (Germany)

Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Translational Neuroimaging Marburg
BenjaminPittUniversity of California, Berkeley

Department of Psychology

Xu Lab Student
BenjaminKuipersUniversity of Michigan

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Intelligent Robotics Lab
BenjaminJeeWorchester State University

Department of Psychology
Benjamin KBergenUniversity of California, San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science

Language and Cognition Lab FacultyLanguage;
Cognition; Computation;
the Brain
Benny LCooperUniversity of California, Los AngelesGraduate Student
BernhardRieckeSimon Fraser University (Canada)

School of Interactive Arts and Technology Multi-Modal Spa­tial Cog­ni­tion; Spa­tial Ori­en­ta­tion; Spa­tial Updat­ing; Navigation
BethCaseyBoston University

Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology Imagery Skills and Geometry
BillieEilamUniversity of Haifa

Department of Learning, Instruction, and Teaching Emeritus
BillyFieldsTexas State University

Department of Political Science Science
Blake StephenHowald
BradSagemanNorthwestern University

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
BradleySturzGeorgia Southern University

Department of Psychology Learning; Memory; Cognition
BrandonLiverenceNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Visual Cognition Lab
Brian JPiperGeisinger Commonwealth Medical School

Department of Basic Sciences

Patients Out of Time; Pharmacoepidemiology; Behavioral Neurology Methods Development; Medical Ethics
Brian WMillerTowson University
BridgetGarnierCarleton College
Bridget AmponsahAmponsahTemple University
BruceAnkenmanNorthwestern University

Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences

The Segal Design Institute

Design Thinking and Communication Design of Industrial and Simulation Experiments;
Engineering Design and Development;
Quality Improvement and Quality Control;
Applied Statistical Methods
BruceSherinNorthwestern University

School of Education and Social Policy (SESP)
BruceBridgemanUniversity of California, Santa Cruz

Department of Psychology In memoriam
BryanMatlenWestEd non-profit Learning
CallaTrofatterUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Goldin-Meadow Laboratory
CamilliaMatukNew York University, Steinhardt

Learning Environments (RIDDLE) Lab
CampbellRightmyerUniversity of Louisville

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Student
CaraO'BrienNorthwestern University
CarlaMcAuliffeTechnical Education Research Center, Inc. (TERC) and Instructional Technology
CarolOrmandCarleton College Thinking in the Geosciences
CarolLawtonPurdue University Fort Wayne

Department of Psychology

Virtual Reality and Visual Perception Lab Cognition; Gender Differences in Navigation; Perception of Environmental Danger; Psychology of Women
CaseyHallUniversity of Chicago

The Department of Psychology Role of Gesture in Learning
CassieFreemanHarvard University

Center for Education Policy Research

The College Board Policy Research
CatherineHadenLoyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Children's Memory and Learning Lab Faculty
CatherineSo Wing CheeThe Chinese University of Hong Kong (China) and Gesture Development in Typically-Developing Children and Children with Autism; Cross-Linguistic Comparisons in Language and Gesture; Role of Gesture in Language Development and Cognitive Processing
Catherine DBruceTrent University

School of Education and Professional Learning Learning Pathways;
Math for Young Children;
Spatial Reasoning;
Models of Professional Learning;
Technology in the Mathematics Classroom;
Teacher and Student Efficacy;
Patterning and Algebra
CathyManducaCarleton College

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)
Catyavon Károlyi
ChengliXiaoNanjing University

Department of Psychology Cognition and Spatial Thinking at Both Behavioral and Neural Level; Spatial Construal of Abstract Concepts
Cheryl AnnCohenIllinois Institute of Technology Visualization and;
Spatial Thinking
Cheryl IJohnson
ChiThao Zoe NgoTemple University

Department of Psychology and Episodic Memory; Memory Development
Chi Thao ZoeNgoTemple University Student
ChiaraSaraciniCatholic University of Maule Cognitive Neuroscience
ChiaraMeneghettiUniversity of Padua (Italy)

Department of General Psychology

Learning and Memory Lab
ChrisFetschJohns Hopkins University

The Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute of Multisensory Decisions, Decision Confidence, and the Perception of Self-Motion
ChrisLange-KuettnerLondon Metropolitan University

Psychology Cognition in Infants and Children;
Development of Graphic Representation;
Visual and Verbal Memory, Reading, Bilingualism, Modality by Gender
ChrisJohnsonUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Department of Computer Science languages; Scientific visualization; Game development; 3D printing
ChristianHoyosExponent Development; Information Processing
ChristianFreskaUniversity of Bremen

Bremen Spatial Cognition Center Representation
ChristianSchunnUniversity of Pittsburgh

Department of Psychology FacultyED Neuroscience
Christian SJensenAalborg University (Denmark)

Department of Computer Science Science; Geography and Geology; Traffic and Transportation
ChristophHölscherUniversity of Freiburg

Center for Cognition in Built Environments;
Spatial Cognition & Usability Research for Architectural Design; Human Computer Interaction;
User Modeling & Personalisation;
Information Retrieval & Web Search Behavior
Christoph T.WeidemannSwansea University (United Kingdom)

Department of Psychology; Memory; Decision Making
ChristopheJouffraisNational University of Singapore

Department of Computer Science Perception and Cognition
ChristopheClaramuntNaval Academy Research Institute (France) Models and Theories;
Semantic and Cognitive-Based GIS;
WEB, Wireless and GIS Systems;
Maritime, Environmental and Urban GISs
ChristopherYoungUniversity of Chicago

UChicago Consortium on School Research Psychology
Christopher LAtchisonUniversity of Cincinnati

Department of Geology Education
ClareDaviesUniversity of Winchester (UK)

Department of Psychology, Social and Developmental Aspects of Space and Place
ClarkPressonArizona State University

Department of Psychology; Social Sciences
ClaudiaQuaiser-PohlUniversity of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) Psychology; Psychological Assessment
ColinEllardUniversity of Waterloo (Canada)

Department of Psychology of Residential Design; Wayfinding at the Urban Scale; Restorative Effects of Exposure to Natural Settings; Comparative Studies of Defensive Responses
Conner JBlackTemple University
Corinne ABowerTemple University

Infant and Child Lab Postdoctoral Spatial Skills;
Math Learning;
Spatial Cognitive Intervention
Corinne AHolmesTrinity College Dublin

Institute of Neuroscience Navigation Ability; Spatial Reasoning; Acquisition and Retrieval of Spatial Information
CristianaMartinhaUniversity of Porto (Portugal)

Faculty of Letters
CristinaSampaioWestern Washington University

Department of Psychology
Cristóbal PagánCánovasUniversity of Murcia (Spain)

Department of English Integration;
Embodied Cognition;
The Expression of Time and Emotions;
The Cognitive Study of Oral Poetic Traditions;
Multimodal Communication
CrystalBaeUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Geography Graduate StudentSpatial Cognition; Wayfinding and Navigation;
Social Interaction; Multimodal Communication; Built Environment; Environmental Psychology
CynthiaWeiGeorgetown University

Science,Technology and International Affairs Program (STIA)

Socio-Enivronmental Synthesis Center
(SESYNC) Synthesis,
STEM Education,
Animal Cognition,
Navigation and Learning in Bees,
Neurobiology and Behavior
Dale SKlopferBowling Green State University

Department of Psychology

Center for Neuroscience, Mind & Behavior FacultyVisual Cognition and Spatial-Working Memory; Interaction Between Linguistic and Perceptual Representations of Perceptual Attributes
DanLyonsCarthage College / Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum
DanGrodnerSwarthmore College

Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science

The Psycholinguistics Laboratory Language understanding; Pragmatics and Conversational Inferencing; Sources of Linguistic Complexity; Structural Ambiguity Resolution
DanielHaunLeipzig University (Germany)

Faculty of Education

Early Child Development and Culture Child Development and Culture
DanielCasasantoMax Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Netherlands)

Department of Human Development

Experience and Cognition Lab
DanielNessSt. John's University

Departments of Human Development and Mathematics of Spatial Thinking; Emergent Engineering Concepts; Architectural Principles in the Everyday Context; Spatial Cognition; Affordances of Constructive Play Objects
DanielSchwartzStanford University; Cognitive Development; Mathematics Education; Technology in Teaching and Learning
DanielVoyerUniversity of New Brunswick

Department of Psychology; Sex-Related Differences in Cognitive Abilities; Perception of Time
DanielLevinVanderbilt University

Department of Psychological Sciences

Levin Lab
Daniel CEdelsonBSCS Science Learning
Daniel JSimonsUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Department of Psychology Cognition; Attention; Perception; Memory; Change Blindness; Inattentional Blindness; Metacognition & Intuition
Daniel PKellyNorth Carolina State University

Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Graduate StudentPedagogy and Education;
Professional Development;
Enhanced Learning;
Teaching and Learning;
Teacher Training;
Online Learning;
Teaching Experience;
Blended Learning
Daniel RMontelloUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Environmental, and Geographic Perception, Cognition, Affect, and Behavior;
Behavioral and Cognitive Geography; Environmental Psychology;
Cognitive Cartography; Cognitive Issues in GIScience
DanieleNardiBall State University

Department of Psychological Science in Space; Blind Navigation; Effects of Aging
DanielleOpreanUniversity of Missouri

College of Education

School of Information Science & Learning Technologies Reality; Game Development; User Experience Evaluation; Immersive Technology; Spatial Learning
DanquingXiaoBloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences Information Science (GISc); Spatial Cognition; Behavior Geography; Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)
DavidSzymanskiBentley University

Department of Natural and Applied Sciences and Evolution of Magmas; Chemical Analysis of Glass and Other Forensic Trace Evidence
DavidLandyIndiana University

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
DavidRappNorthwestern University

School of Education and Social Policy Sciences; Psychology
DavidMoreauUniversity of Auckland (New Zealand)

Brain Dynamics Lab Neuroscience; Training and Plasticity of Cognition; Methods; Statistics; Mathematical Modeling
DavidPeeblesUniversity of Huddersfield

Department of Psychology Modeling and Cognitive Architectures;
Reasoning and Problem Solving with Diagrams and Other External Representations;
Human-Computer Interaction; High Level Cognition (Reasoning, Problem Solving and Decision Making)
DavidO'SullivanVictoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences; Planning
David AWallerMiami University Perceptions; Memories
David A. MBampsCatholic University of Leuven (Belgium)
David BBolesUniversity of Alabama

Department of Psychology Asymmetry;
Multiple Resources
David HUttalNorthwestern University Development; Spatial Cognition, Symbolic Development, Mathematical Thinking
David IShoreMcMaster University (Canada)

Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, & Behavior
David IMillerNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

(David H.) Uttal Lab Student
David JBodenhamerIndiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

The Polis Center Humanities
David MMarkState University of New York at Buffalo

Department of Geography EmeritusOntology; Cognition
David SGoodsellThe Scripps Research Institute

Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology

The Goodsell Lab Graphics and Simulation; Science Outreach
DawnBlaskoPenn State Erie-The Behrend College

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
DeanneAdamsMicrosoft Studios User Research Learning;
Educational Games;
Cognitive Tutors; Spatial Cognition
DebbieKellyUniversity of Manitoba

Department of Psychology

Comparative Cognition Laborartory FacultyComparative Cognition
DedreGentnerNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Project on Children's Thinking

Cognition and Language Lab FacultyLearning and Thinking; Analogy, Similarity and Metaphor; Concepts and Conceptual Structure; Language and Cognition; Language Acquisition; Cross-linguistic Studies
DeenaWeisbergTemple University
DemisBassoFree University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy)

Faculty of Education

Centro di Neruoscienze Cognitive Apllicate (CeNCA) FacultyVisuo-spatial Planning; Attention and Inhibition Processes; Prospective Memory;
Visuo-spatial Working Memory; Human Factors
DeniseWuNational Central University (Taiwan)

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Representation in Action, Conception, and Language
DennisProffittUniversity of Virginia

Department of Psychology Science; Neuroscience
DerekHamiltonUniversity of New Mexico

Department of Psychology and Neurobiological Consequences of Prenatal Ethanol Exposure;
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory;
Social Behavior;
Spatial Navigation;
Synaptic Plasticity and Structural Plasticity
DianaSintonUniversity Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS); Cognitive Science; Learning Sciences
DianePecherErasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Psychology Department

Memory Lab Faculty
DianeHalpernKeck Graduate Institute Emeritus
DianeTepyloUniversity of Ontario

Faculty of Education
DieterPfoserGeorge Mason University

Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science FacultySpatial and Spatiotemporal Databases;
Graph Algorithms;
Crowdsourcing Geospatial Data; Volunteered Geographic Information; Map Matching; Map Construction Algorithms
DomenicoCamardaTechnical University of Bari (Italy)

Town and Country Planning
ResearcherCivil Engineer
DominicGibsonUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Susan Levine's Cognitive Development Lab
Donald GJanelleUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Geography Emeritus
DoriDerdikmanTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology

Spatial Perception and Memory Lab
Douglas ANitzUniversity of California, San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science FacultyNeural Basis of Spatial Cognition; Episodic Memory; Hippocampus; Parietal Cortex; Premotor Cortex
Douglas GWallaceNorthern Illinois University

Department of Psychology FacultyNeural Basis of Spatial Navigation; Rodent Models of Alzheimer’s Disease; Neuroethology
Douglas HClementsUniversity of Denver

Morgridge College of Education, Using and Evaluating Research-Based Curricula;
Taking Successful Curricula to Scale Using Technologies, and;
Learning Trajectories in Standards, Assessment, Curriculum and Professional Development.
DrewDara-AbramsInterline Technologies Staff
EdGolobUniversity of Texas at San Antonio

Department of Psychology

UTSA Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Cognition; Attention and Working Memory;
Perception and Action in the Auditory System; Normal Aging and Age-Related Cognitive Disorders
EileenCardilloUniversity of Pennsylvania

Department of Neurology

Chatterjee Lab, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
ElenaAndonovaNew Bulgarian University

Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology;
Language Acquisition;
Speech and Language Processing;
Cognitive Linguistics;
Language Development;
Corpus Linguistics;
Speech Processing;
Critical Discourse Analysis;
Cognitive Semantics;
Elisabeth JPloranHofstra University

Department of Psychology Neuroscience
Elisabetta CarattinArup Consulting
ElizaCongdonBucknell University

Cognitive Development Lab Learning and Development in Early Childhood;
Behavioral, Neural, and Cognitive Effects of Learning New Mathematical Ideas
Through Gestures or Transitive Actions;
Relationship Between Early Social or Home Environments and Later Cognitive Skills and Academic Outcomes
ElizabethTiptonColumbia University

Department of Applied Statistics
ElizabethSpelkeHarvard University

Spelke Lab Psychology
ElizabethWakefieldLoyola University Chicago
ElizabethGundersonTemple University

Department of Psychology

The Temple Cognition & Learning Lab Development; Numerical Cognition; Spatial Cognition; Achievement Motivation
ElizabethHampsonWestern University (Canada)

Department of Psychology

Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology
Elizabeth LJohnsonUniversity of California, Berkeley

Knight Lab
EllenZimmermanUniversity of North Texas

Department of Learning Technologies Student
EmilyPetersonAmerican University, Washington, DC

School of Education Cognition,
Relational Reasoning, Strategic Processing, Individual Differences
Emily KFarranUniversity College London

School of Education Cognition in Typical and Atypical Populations
EnnioMingollaNortheastern University

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders FacultyVisual Perception
EricHorsmanEast Carolina University

Department of Geological Sciences Geology and Tectonics
EricBubarMarymount University

Biology & Physical Sciences Spectroscopy;
Extra-Solar Planets;
Cosmo-chemical Archaeology;
3D printing upper limb assistive devices
Eric MRiggsTexas A&M University

Department of Geology & Geophysics, Learning and Cognition in the Geosciences
EricaColageroUniversity College London

UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, Building, Environmental Design, & Planning Design; the Built Environment and;
Cultural Heritage
EricaCartmillUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Department of Anthropology
EricaZippertVanderbilt University

Department of Psychology and Human Development

Children's Learning Lab Developmental Science
ErinJantBinghamton University

Department of Psychology’s Learning and Memory;
Parent-child Interactions;
Transfer of Learning;
Informal and Formal Education Settings
ErinMaloneyUniversity of Ottawa (Canada)

Department of Psychology!/members/2852FacultyCognitive Psychology
Evan FRiskoUniversity of Memphis

Department of Psychology
EveDanzigerUniversity of Virginia

Department of Anthropology FacultyLinguistic Relativity; Spatial Language and Spatial Cognition;
Cross-Cultural Philosophies of Mind; Conversational Gesture; Mayan Linguistics;
Morpho-Syntactic Expression of Verb Argument Structure; Linguistic Prehistory; Social Organization and Social Identity
Eve AIshamUniversity of Arizona

Department of Psychology

Consciousness-Action-Time Lab;
Time perception;
Volition and Actions;
EyalSagiUniversity of St. Francis

Psychology Program
FabioParenteUniversity of Nottingham (UK)

Faculty of Arts
FangcaoXuPennsylvania State University

Geography Department

GeoVISTA Center StudentGIScience, Geospatial Big Data Analytics and Geo-visualization; Natural Language Processing;
Social Network Analysis; Spatiotemporal Information Diffusion;
Machine Learning; Data Mining
Fathima GaniRahamanthullah
FeiXuUniversity of California, Berkeley

Department of Psychology

Xu Lab and Language Development
FionaNewellUniversity of Dublin

School of Psychology and Cortical Correlates of Multisensory Perception
FlaviaSantoianniUniversity of Naples Federico II

Department of Humanistic Studies FacultyPedagogy; Education Research; Teaching Methods
FrancesBalcombTemple University

Department of Psychology Navigation and Toddler Memory Skills
FrancescaPazzagliaUniversity of Padua (Italy)

Department of General Psychology

Memory & Learning Lab Cognition; Spatial Learning; Individual Differences in Way-Finding and Spatial Learning
FrankDurginSwarthmore College

Department of Psychology FacultyCognitive Science; Neuroscience
FrankDyllaUniversity of Bremen (Germany)

Cognitive Systems Group Postdoctoral Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning (QSTR); Spatial Change; Cognitive Robotics; Reasoning about Action and Change (RAC); Cognitive Systems; Applied Ontologies
GabiGoldschmidtTechnion-Isreal Institute of Technology

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Faculty
GabrieleJanzenRadboud University (Netherlands)

Behavioural Science Institute and Memory
Gail ACarpenterBoston University

Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems Technology Website Modeling
GauravSinhaOhio University

Department of Geography Ontology;
Topographic Modeling and Terrain Analysis; Spatial Thinking; GIS & Society
GavinBremnerLancaster University (United Kingdom)

Department of Psychology FacultyInfant Perception; Development of Spatial Orientation;
Infant Cognition
GerardSteenUniversity of Amsterdam (Netherlands) Competence; Argumentation Theory; Rhetoric
GerardoRamirezUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Department of Psychology
GiuseppeIariaUniversity of Calgary (Canada)

Department of Psychology

NeuroLab Neuroscience; Neuroimaging; Neuropsychology; Memory
GiuseppeVallarUniversity of Milano-Bicocca

Department of Psychology of Spatial Cognition; Movement Planning and Execution; Methods in Neuropsychology
GlennGunzelmannCarnegie Mellon University

Air Force Research Laboratory Staff
GodwinYeboahUniversity of Warwick (UK)

Centre of Interdisciplinary Methodologies Analysis; GIS; Advanced Statistics; Computer Science; Transport Planning
GreeshmaSharmaInstitute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (India)
GregoryDegirolamoUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln

Department of Psychology

Spatial Memory and Cognition Laboratory StudentSpatial Memory;
Senior Citizens
GuyMosheTel Aviv University

School of Psychological Sciences
H BranchCoslettUniversity of Pennsylvania

Department of Neurology FacultyNeurology;
Cognitive Neuroscience
HanakoYoshidaUniversity of Houston

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Development Lab and Cognitive Development
HanspeterMallotUniversity of Tubingen (Germany)

Department of Biology FacultyCognitive Science; Neuroscience
HaroldBekkeringRadboud University (Netherlands)

Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour Action and Neurocognition Group
and Intention;
Social Interaction;
Sensorimotor and Knowledge
Representations (Embodied Cognition);
The Predictive Brain/Mind
HarryHeftDenison University

Department of Psychology EmeritusEnvironmental and Ecological Psychology
HeatherMandelsdorfElmhurst College

Department of Psychology mechanisms and learning;
Movement, Cognition, and Emotion
HeatherBurteTufts University

Department of Psychology Spatial Cognition
HectorLopezThomas Jefferson University
HeeyoungChooSamsung Electronics
HeidiWaterfallCornell University
HeinrichBülthoffMax Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Perception, Cognition and Action
HeleneIntraubUniversity of Delaware

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Spatial Cognition Lab
HenghsanLiSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Future Cities Laboratory
HerbertPickUniversity of Minnesota

Institute of Child Development memoriam
Herbert PGinsburgColumbia University

Departments of Psychology and Education EmeritusIntellectual Development;
Mathematics Education; Testing and Assessment
HilaryBarthWesleyan University

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Development Lab Cognition and Development throughout Childhood and Adulthood
HolgerSchultheisUniversity of Bremen (Germany)

R1-[ImageSpace] Spatial Reasoning in Everyday Activity
Holly ATaylorTufts University

Department of Psychology

Center for Applied Brain & Cognitive Sciences Cognition; Comprehension
Hong-JinSunMcMaster University (Canada)

Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
HongbinWangTexas A&M University

Center for Biomedical Informatics
Howard CNusbaumUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Attention, Perception, and EXperience Lab (Nusbaum Lab) Psychology
HuaLuAalborg University (Denmark)

Department of Computer Science Management; Spanning Database; Data Mining; Big Data; Data Science
Hugo JSpiersUniversity College London

Department of Experimental Psychology

The Centric Lab and Behavioral Neuroscience
IanLyonsGeorgetown University
IanSpenceUniversity of Toronto (Canada)

Engineering Psychology Laboratory Psychology; Graphical Perception; Psychophysics; Psychometric Methods with an Emphasis on Measurement and Scaling; Statistics
IanRuginskiUniversity of Zurich

Department of Geography

GIVA Group
GPS devices;
Human-computer interaction;
Data visualization
IljaFrissenMcGill University (Canada)

School of Information Studies Psychology; Cognitive Psychology
IlyseResnickUniversity of Delaware

School of Education Systems; Sociology of Education
Inekevan der HamLeiden University (Netherlands)

Department of Health, Medical and Neuropsychology Lateralization; Navigation; Spatial Cognition; Virtual Reality
IreneMittelbergRWTH Aachen University (Germany)

Natural Media Lab

Aachen Center for Sign Language and Gesture (SignGes); Cognitive Semiotics
Iris RongweiSunUniversity of Macau (China)

Department of Psychology Student
IvyWongUniversity of Hong Kong

Department of Psychology Development; Gender Studies; Early Childhood Education; Gender and Development
Jack MLoomisUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Psychology Space Perception; Visual Control of Locomotion; Spatial Cognition; Navigation
JacobRaberOregon Health & Science University

Department of Behavioral Neuroscience
JakubKrukarUniversity of Muenster (Germany)

Institute for Geoinformatics Situated Spatial Cognition;
Space Syntax
JalishaBraxtonUniversity of ChicagoGraduate StudentRelationship Between Meta-Cognition and Academic Performance
James CThompsonGeorge Mason University

Department of Psychology

Perception and Action Neuroscience Group and Behavioral Neuroscience
James ECorterColumbia University

Teachers College, Choice, and Decision-Making;
Diagnostic Assessment;
Human Categorization and Learning;
Mathematics Problem Solving;
Expertise in Probability and Statistics;
Multidimensional Scaling and Clustering Methods;
Visualization in Reasoning and Problem Solving;
Evaluation of New Educational Technologies
James RBoothVanderbilt University

Department of Psychology and Human Development and Cognitive Neuroscience;
Developmental Science
JamieJiroutUniversity of Virginia

Department of Leadership, Foundations and Policy

The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning Psychology; Applied Developmental Sciences
Jan MWienerBournemouth University (UK)

Department of Psychology; Wayfinding
Jana MIversonUniversity of Pittsburgh

Department of Psychology

Infant Communication Lab
JanellenHuttenlocherUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Language Project

Center for Early Childhood Research memoriamChildhood Development
Janice DGobertRutgers University

Graduate School of Education with Visualizations; Simulations in Scientific Domains
JasonCheinTemple University

Department of Psychology

Imaging Center (TUBRIC) FacultyfMRI;
Working Memory; Cognitive Control; Decision Making; Adolescence; Neuroimaging;
JasonSattizahnUniversity of Chicago

Human Performance Lab Student
JeanMandlerUniversity of California, San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science and Cognition
JeffDodickHebrew University of Jerusalem

The Science Teaching Department Differences between Historical and Experimental Science;
Conceptual Difficulties in Understanding Evolutionary Biology;
Problem-solving in Temporal-based Environment;
Fostering Inquiry Learning and Interest in Science via Visits to University Research Labs
Jeffery JLockmanTulane University

Department of Psychology

Infant & Toddler Development Lab; Cognitive Development
Jeffrey MZacksWashington University in St. Louis

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Dynamic Cognition Laboratory
JelaniMedfordTemple University
JenniePyersWellesley College

Department of Psychology and Cognitive Development
JenniferSuttonBrescia University College (Canada)

Department of Psychology Navigation
JenniferMasonPennsylvania State University

Department of Geography Graduate StudentUncertainty Visualization; Cognition; GIScience
JenniferZoshPennsylvania State University-Brandywine

Human Development and Family Studies

The Brandywine Child Development Lab
JenniferCamposToronto Rehabilitation Institute (Canada)

Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL)
ResearcherMultisensory Integration; Perception-action Coupling; Self-Motion Perception; Locomotor Rehabilitation
JenniferWileyUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Department of Psychology, Division of Cognitive Psychology; Metacomprehension; Problem solving
JenniferKolesariUniversity of Notre Dame

Department of Psychology StudentSpatial Cognition; Spatial Language
Jennifer GCromleyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

College of
Education FacultyReading Comprehension of Illustrated Scientific Text;
Cognitive and Motivational Predictors of STEM Students' Achievement and Retention
JennyLuUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology Studentinterplay of gesture and language; sign and spoken language development in infancy
JeremyWilmerWellesley College

Wilmer Lab
JessaReedOhio State University College of Medicine

Baby Talk Research
JesseSargentFrancis Marion University

Department of Psychology cognition and Memory;
Event Segmentation;
Cognitive Aging
JessicaHamrickUniversity of California, Berkeley

Department of Psychology

Xu Lab Simulation from a Computational, Resource-Rational Perspective
Ji YoungChoKent State University

College of Architecture and Environmental Design FacultyDesign Research and Education;
Aesthetics in Architectural and Interior Design;
Design Process and Cognition, Creativity and its linkage to Aesthetics;
Design Evaluation Method; Research Methods of Environment-Behavior Research
Ji-SunKimVirginia Tech

Computer Science
Jianhong CeciliaXiaCurtin University (Australia)

School of Earth and Planetary Sciences Information Systems; Spatial Analysis and Modelling; Public Transport Development; Driving; Spatial Navigation; Wayfinding; Human Mobility
JiayanZhaoPennsylvania State University

Department of Geography StudentSpatial Cognition;
Virtual Reality;
Mobile Development;
JimDaviesCarleton University

School of Computer Science

Science of Imagination Laboratory and Brain Sciences.
Jimmy YZhongGeorgia Institute of Technology

School of Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging Lab Cognition
JoanStilesUniversity of California, San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science EmeritusSpatial Knowledge Acquisition; Spatial Analytic Processing; Pre-/Peri-Natal Stroke; FMRI
JoannaSchiffmanBoston College

The Thinking and Learning Lab Student
JoannaCannonUniversity of Chicago
Joao PineloSilvaUniversity of Bahrain

Department of Architecture and Interior Design (GIS); Cognitive Psychology; Behavioural Science
Joao PineloSilvaUniversity of Bahrain

Department of Architecture and Interior Design; Built Environment; Space Syntax
JodiKhanUniversity of Chicago
Jodie MPlumertUniversity of Iowa

Department of Psychology Science
JohnPhilbeckGeorge Washington University

Department of Psychology

Brain and Navigation Laboratory Neuroscience
JohnStellUniversity of Leeds, UK

School of Computing spatial representation;
Calculi for spatial reasoning and representation;
Graphs and Networks as discrete spaces; Mereotopology;
Logics for spatial reasoning; Granularity and level of detail;
Mathematical Morphology; Interdisciplinary connections
between spatial representation and digital humanities
JohnEliotUniversity of Maryland

Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology EmeritusSpatial Intelligence
JohnGeroUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte

Department of Computer Science and School of Architecture FacultyDesign cognition, Computing and Education
John CAndersonNorthwestern University

McCormick School of Engineering

Segal Design Institute Communication;
Program Curriculum
John EOpferOhio State University

Department of Psychology

Developmental Cognitive Science Lab Development; Representation; Categorization, Analogy and Induction; Numerical Cognition
John JRieserVanderbilt University

Psychological Sciences Development; Vision Disabilities and Instruction; Visual Perception
John JackRyanUniversity of Pennsylvania
John PSpencerUniversity of East Anglia (UK) Memory; Attention; Inhibitory Control; Executive Function; Word Learning; Spatial Cognition and Language
John P.WilsonUniversity of Southern California

Spatial Sciences Institute; Civil & Environmental Engineering; Computer Science; Architecture; Preventive Medicine
JohnathanKellyIowa State University

Department of Psychology

Navigation Lab Computer Interaction;
Spatial Cognition; Virtual Reality
Johnathan AFugelsangUniversity of Waterloo (Canada)

Department of Psychology Psychology; Cognitive Neuroscience
JonWetzelArizona State University Tutoring Systems; Artificial Intelligence; Qualitative Reasoning; Science of Learning
JonEricsonBentley University

Information Design and Corporate Communication of Embodied Cognition; Ecological Psychology for Design Research, Pedagogy, Ethics, and Practice
JonathanShemwellUniversity of Alabama

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
JonathanWaiUniversity of Arkansas

Department of Education Reform
JoniSabyChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
JooyoungJangSamsung SDS
JordanHaroldUniversity of East Anglia (UK)

School of Psychology
Jordan RVosmik
JosephKerskiEnvironmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) StaffGeography;
JoshuaJacobsColumbia University

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Electrophysiology, Memory, and Navigation Laboratory Spatial Navigation; Spatial Memory
JoshuaJulianNorwegian University of Science and Technology

Kavil Institute for Systems Neuroscience Postdoctoral Brain Navigation System
JoshuaCoyanU.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Joshua BTenenbaumMassachusetts Institute of Technology

Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

The Computational Cognitive Science Group Learning and Reasoning; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Juan AndresHurtadoLaboratory of Artificial Intelligence for Design (Spain) Researcher
JukkaHyönäUniversity of Turku (Finland)

Faculty of Social Sciences
JuliaParish-MorrisChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
JuliaPlummerPennsylvania State University

College of Education; Learning Processes
JuliaVillarrealUniversity of Chicago
JulianneeHertsUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Susan Levine's Cognitive Development Lab Student
JurģisŠķiltersUniversity of Latvia

The Center for the Cognitive Sciences and Semantics (CCSS) Cognition; Socio-Collaborative Cognition; Distributed and Extended Cognition; Visual Perception
JustinMatthewsCalifornia State University

Department of Psychology Science; Social Psychology
JustinHarrisMuseum of Science, Boston

Hall of Human Life Psychology
JustinLongTemple University
JuvalPortugaliTel Aviv University

City Center - TAU Research Center for Cities and Urbanism FacultyEnvironmental-Spatial Cognition; Urban Dynamics
JyotsnaVaidTexas A&M University

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Language and Cognition Lab and Cognitive Neuroscience; Diversity Science
Kai-FlorianRichterUmea University (Sweden)

Department of Computing Science Cognitive Engineering
KarenEmmoreySan Diego State University

Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Laboratory for Language & Cognitive Neuroscience Language
Karen YuDuUniversity of Alberta (Canada)

Department of Psychology

Comparative Spatial Cognition Lab Graduate StudentCue-use in Spatial Reorientation; Navigation in Human Adults and Children
KateLockwoodSt. Paul Academy and Summit School

Department of Computer Science
KateJefferyUniversity College London

Department of Neuroscience,
Physiology, and Pharmacology

Jeffery Lab Neuroscience
KatharinaScheiterKnowledge Media Research Center (Germany)

Multiple Representations Lab Processes Underlying Learning
KatherineJamesNorthwestern University
KatherineStoneUniversity of Chicago
KathleenFlannerySaint Anselm College

Psychology Department Abilities;
Psychophysiological Measures;
KathleenStewartUniversity of Maryland

Department of Geographical Sciences
Center for Geospatial Information Science Dynamics;
Spatial trajectories;
Spatiotemporal Accessibility
KathyHirsh-PasekTemple University Language and Literacy; Role of Play in Learning
KatieGilliganUniversity of Surrey, UK

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Developmental Psychology Training;
Spatial-mathematics Relations
KatrinaFerraraGeorgetown University

Department of Neurology

Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery
KayRameyNorthwestern University

Uttal Lab Cognition Theory; Actor Network Theory; Constructionism
KazukiSekineUniversity of Warwick

Department of Psychology Psychology
KeithLyleUniversity of Louisville

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Memory and Cognition Lab Mechanisms of Memory; Authoritarianism; Flexibility
KellyMcCormickEmory University

Department of Psychology Graduate StudentNeuroscience; Sound-to-Meaning Mappings in Language
KellyFisherJohns Hopkins University
KellyFisherJohns Hopkins University

Department of Cognitive Science Science
KellyMixMichigan State University

Cognitive Development Lab
KellySheehanNorthwestern University

Center on Media and Human Development
KenChengMacquaire Universtiy

Department of Biological Sciences FacultyAnimal Behavior and Mechanistic, Functional and Evolutionary Questions
KennethYanowSouthwestern College

Department of Science & Engineering
Kenneth DForbusNorthwestern University

McCormick School of Engineering Reasoning; Analogical Reasoning and Learning;
Spatial Reasoning;
Sketch Understanding; Natural Language Understanding;
Cognitive Architecture; Reasoning System Design; Intelligent Educational Software;
AI in Interactive Entertainment
Kenneth JLeisingTexas Christian University

Department of Psychology Learning; Working Memory; Choice Behavior
KennyCoventryUniversity of East Anglia (UK)

School of Psychology Different Brain/Mind Modules onto One-Another;
Interaction of Emotion & Cognition Under Conditions of Uncertainty
KensyCooperriderUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Goldin-Meadow Lab Visual Forms of Communication
KevinHolmesColorado College

Department of Psychology

Thought Lab
KevinMulqueenyHouston ISD
KimKastensColumbia University

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory FacultyGeoscience Learning and Education; Spatial Thinking in Geosciences;
Spatial Thinking; Environmental Journalism;
Science Journalism; Diversity in Geosciences;
Marine Geology
KimCheekUniversity of North Florida

College of Education & Human Services Education
KimberlyFennMichigan State University

College of Natural Science Psychology; Neuroscience
KinnariAtitUniversity of California, Riverside

Graduate School of Education Thinking;
STEM Learning and Instruction
Kirsten RButcherUniversity of Utah

Department of Educational Psychology Learning;
Multimedia and Educational Technology, and Transfer
KlausGramannUniversity of Osnabruck

Institute for Cognitive Science Brain Imaging; Spatial Navigation; Visual Attention
KristinO'ConnellCarleton College
KristinGagnierJohns Hopkins University

Department of Cognitive Science of Learning; Cognitive Science; Educational Psychology; Translational Science
KristinRatliffWestern Psychological Services Thinking
KubaGlazekChicago School of Professional Psychology Processing Changes
Kyle TGagnonUniversity of Utah

Department of Psychology

Spatial Cognition and Navigation Project
LanetteJimersonPurdue University

English Department of Writing Instruction, Technology, and Human Rights
LarryHedgesNorthwestern University

Statistics and Social Policy; Psychology; Education; Social Policy
LauraFreinaInstitute for Educational Technologies of the Italian National Research Council
LauraLakustaMontclair State University

Department of Psychology and Language Development in Normally Developing Infants, Children, and Adults and Children with Williams Syndrome
LauraWagnerOhio State University

Language Sciences Research Lab Psychology
LauraJudsonUniversity of Chicago
LauraHelleUniversity of Turku (Finland)

Department of Teacher Education & Centre for Learning Research
Laura ACarlsonUniversity of Notre Dame

Department of Psychology

Spatial Cognition Lab, Brain and Behavior
Laura EThomasNorth Dakota State University

Department of Psychology

Action and Cognition Lab and Cognitive Neuroscience
Laura JDonohueSanctuary for Families Relationships;
LaurenApplebaumMuseum of Science and Industry
LeahChildUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology
LeandraBucherJustus Liebig University Giessen (Germany)

Department of Psychology
Experimental Psychology Lab of Spatial Perception;
Sensory Integration of Haptic Feedback;
Spatial Cognition and Relational Thinking;
Visuo-spatial Attention and Perception Disorders
LeanneBeaudoin-RyanErikson Institute Staff
Leanne KetterlinGellerSouthern Methodist University

Department of Education Policy & Leadership
Supporting Students in Mathematics Education;
Instructional Leadership Principles and Practices;
Validity of Test-Score Interpretations and Uses;
K-12 STEM Initiatives
LeiYuanIndiana University Bloomington

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Cognitive Development Lab
LeiZhangUniversity of Alberta (Canada)

Department of Psychology Student
LelaniArthursUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Department of Geological Sciences

GRASCE Lab Science Education; Geoscience Education; Environmental Geology; Hydrogeochemistry;
Natural Hazards; Geocognition; Metacognition; Science literacy; Decision making; Assessment Construction; Instructional Design
LenaTibellLinköping University (Sweden)

Department of Science and Technology Learning and Communication; Biochemistry and Life Science Education
LeonaSchaubleVanderbilt University

Department of Teaching and Learning of Scientific Thinking; Theory Change; Modeling Approaches to Science and Mathematics; Professional Development of Teachers
LeraBoroditskyUniversity of California, San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science FacultyRelationships Between Mind, World and Language
LiesjeSpaepenUniversity of Chicago

Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education (CEMSE)
LilaChrysikouUniversity of Kansas

Department of Psychology Memory;
Goal Achievement and Tool Use;
Prefrontal Cortical Functioning and Flexibility in Cognitive Control;
Innovation in Human Cognition;
Semantic Memory and Language in Normal and Neuropsychological Populations;
Situated and Embodied Cognition, Perception, and Action
Linda JacobsSwarlisColumbus School for Girls

Information Services and Libraries Staff
Linda LiuHandUniversity of Iowa

College of Nursing
Lindsay KVassFacebook
LindseyHildebrandTemple University
LindseyRichlandUniversity of Chicago

Learning Lab Human Development
LinseySmithE15 Group
LisaWeckbacherCalifornia State University

Department of Psychology
LisaYuCarnegie Mellon University

Human-Computer Interaction Institute Postdoctoral
LisaSpruteUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Human Performance Lab
Lisa GAdamsKennesaw State University

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

SPLASSH (Student Programs Like Aquatic Science Sampling Headquarters)
http://lisagadams.wordpress.comFacultyAquatic Ecology;
Science Literacy and Real-time Data
Lisa JDouglasRapid7
LizChrastilUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Geography Path Integration;
Spatial Memory; Large-Scale Navigation in Complex Environments
LizabethHueyNorthwestern University
Longin JanLateckiTemple University

Department of Computer & Information Sciences Representation and Similarity; Object Detection and Recognition in Images; Robot Perception; Machine Learning; Digital Geometry
LoreleiHowardOtto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)

German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

Aging & Cognition Research Group Neuropsychology
LorenMarulisConnecticut College

Department of Human Development Development; Early Cognitive Development; Metacognitive and Self-Regulatory Processes; Early Childhood Development and Education; Educational Psychology
LorettaJonesUniversity of Northern Colorado

Department of Psychology Emeritus
LoriPetersenPurdue University Northwest

Department of Psychology & Socio-Cultural Influences on the Development of Spatial and Mathematical Reasoning
LornaQuandtGallaudet University

Motion Light Lab

Action & Brain Lab Neuroscience
LouisGomezUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Graduate School of Education & Information Studies Improvement;
Organizational Learning;
Application of Computing and Networking Technology to Teaching and Learning;
Applied Cognitive Science; Human-Computer Interaction;
Curriculum Design
LouiseDaoustEckerd College

Department of Philosophy Issues in Cognitive Science;
Perceptual Psychology and Biology
LuWangBall State University

Department of Educational Psychology
LucasLörchUniversity of Mannheim (Germany)

Department of Educational
Psychology StudentMusic Psychology;
Music Reading;
Visual Information Processing; Eye Tracking; Chunking;
Memory and Cognition
LynnLibenPennsylvania State University

Department of Psychology

Cognitive and Social Development Lab
LynnNadelUniversity of Arizona

Department of Psychology EmeritusEpisodic Memory Reactivation and Malleability
LynnRobertsonUniversity of California, Berkeley and Perceptual Organization in Normal and Neurological Populations
MaddyOswaldUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Susan Levine's Cognitive Development Lab student
MadeleineKeehnerEducational Testing Service Staff
MadelineUsherNorthwestern University
MandyMaguireUniversity of Dallas at Texas

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Developmental Neruolinguistics Laboratory and Language Development
MarcelJustCarnegie Mellon University

Department of Psychology" FacultyNeurosemantics;
Brain Functioning and Autism
MarciaCollaerMiddlebury College

Department of Psychology and Individual Differences in Cognitive Abilities and;
Situational Influences on Aspects of Decision Making, Judgments, and Cognition
MarciaSpetchUniversity of Alberta (Canada)

Department of Psychology

Comparative Spatial Cognition Lab Memory and Navigation; Avian Visual Cognition; Object Recognition
MarciaLinnUniversity of California, Berkeley

Graduate School of Education

STRIDES: Supporting Teachers in Responsive Instruction for Developing Expertise in Science Development
MargaretFriendSan Diego State University

Department of Psychology
Margaret RTarampiUniversity of Hartford

Department of Psychology
MariaKozhevnikovHarvard Medical School

Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging Mechanisms of Visual Imagery
MariaSeraUniversity of Minnesota
Maria DChangIBM Research AI ResearcherArtificial Intelligence and Education; Qualitative Reasoning; Analogical Reasoning; Spatial Reasoning
MarianellaCasasolaCornell University

College of Human Development

Experience and Cognition Lab and Thought;
Culture and Cognition;
Mind and Body
Marie-PauleHaefligerUniversity of Fribourg (Switzerland)
MarilynPanayiCity University London UK & Ensomatica London UK and Emerging Technology Design;
Gesture; Pedagogy and Science of Learning;
MarinaVasilyevaBoston College

Department of Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology Learning & Literacy; Parental Beliefs & Practices;
Childhood & Adolescence; Cognitive Development; Early Childhood Education;
STEM Teaching & Learning
Marios NAvraamidesUniversity of Cyprus

Department of Psychology Cognition;
Spatial Memory;
MarjorieSchaefferUniversity of Chicago

Human Performance Lab Student
MarkMayHelmut Schmidt University (Germany) Perception and Spatial Memory;
Spatial Orientation in Real and Virtual Environments;
Embedded and Embodied Human Consciousness
MarkSchurginJohns Hopkins University

Visual Thinking Lab
MarkSimpsonPennsylvania State University

Department of Geography Virtual Reality; Visualization;
Spatial Cognition
MarkGaheganUniversity of Auckland (New Zealand)

Faculty of Science; Geocomputation; Spatial Analysis; Spatial Reasoning
MarkBladesUniversity of Sheffield (UK)

Department of Psychology FacultyChildren's Understanding of Advertisements;
Children's Eyewitness Testimony;
Children's Environmental Cognition
Mark PHoldenUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
MarkoNardiniDurham University (UK)

Department of Psychology Faculty
MarkusPlankBrain Products GmbH (Germany) Spatial Cognition; Navigation; Path Integration; Reference Frames
MarkusKnauffJustus Liebig University Giessen (Germany)

Department of Psychology Cognitive Processes; Thinking, Deciding, Rationality;
Social Cognition and Collective Rationality;
Space Cognition, Navigation and Finding Ways;
Vivid Thinking and Imagination;
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technical Systems
Marta OlivettiBelardinelliUniversity of Rome "La Sapienza"

Department of Psychology Neuroscience; Neuroimaging; Experimental Psychology
MarthaCarrUniversity of Georgia

Institute for Behavioral Research memoriam
Martha WAlibaliUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Development and Communication Lab;
Cognitive Neuroscience; Developmental Psychology
MartinBuschkuehlMIND Research Institute Memory
MartinRiemerOtto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)

Aging & Cognition Research Group Body Representations; Spatial Cognition; Time Perception
MartinTomkoUniversity of Melbourne (Australia)

Department of Infrastructure Engineering Information Retrieval; Spatial Analytics; Spatial Data Integration; Spatial Information Science; Spatial Infrastructures
MartinFischerUniversity of Potsdam (Germany)

Cognitive Sciences FacultyCognitive Science
Martina ARauUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Educational Psychology FacultyLearning Sciences
MaryHegartyUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Hegarty Lab Thinking; Comprehension; Reasoning; Problem Solving
Mary JoPollmanMetropolitan State College of Denver; Spatial Development
MatthewPetersonMIND Research Institute Neuroscience
MatthewKlenkPalo Alto Research Center ResearcherModel Formulation and Simulation;
Human Machine Teams;
Influencing Human Behavior;
Continual Planning and Goal Reasoning
MatthewCarlsonPennsylvania State University

Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

Carlson Lab and Morphology in the Bilingual Mental Lexicon;
Bilingualism and Cognitive Function;
Matthew EJacovinaArizona State University
Matthew HSchnepsUniversity of Massachustes Boston

Department of Computer Science

Laboratory for Visual Learning Learning
Matthijs LNoordzijUniversity of Twente (Netherlands)

Department of Psychology, Health and Technology
Mayank RMehtaUniversity of California, Los Angeles

W.M. Keck Center for Neurophysics; Neurobiology
Mayari SerranoAnazcoPurdue University
Mee-KyoungKwonUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Division of General Studies
MeganSauterAnswer Lab Psychology
Megan GLorenzUniversity of Iowa

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences StudentCognition
MehulBhattÖrebro University (Sweden)

School of Science and Technology FacultyArtificial Intelligence;
Cognitive Science; Human-Computer Interaction;
Design Science
MelanieBuschArizona State University

School of Earth and Space Exploration
MelihTurgutEskisehir Osmangazi University

Department of Science and Mathematics Education
MelissaTerleckiCabrini University

Department of Psychology Ability and Gender; Metacognition; Community-Based Research
MelissaHansenTemple University
MelissaHerrettUniversity of Chicago
MelissaWiederrechtUniversity of Wyoming
MeredithRoweHarvard University Child Development; Parenting Issues; Cognitive Development
Meredith EdenMinearUniversity of Wyoming

Spatial Cognition Lab Cognition; Memory
MeridethGattisCardiff University (UK)

School of Psychology; Communication; Parenting
MiaVelazquezTemple University
MicahGoldwaterUniversity of Sydney

Faculty of Science, Acquisition, and Use of Knowledge
MichaelHasselmoBoston University

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Hasselmo Laboratory Dynamics of Memory-Guided Behavior
MichaelMcCloskeyJohns Hopkins University

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Neuropsychology
MichaelMilfordQueensland University of Technology (Australia)

School of Science and Engineering Intelligence; Image Processing; Neurosciences
MichaelProulxUniversity of Bath (UK)

Centre for Mixed and Augmented Reality and Virtual Environments Lab and Brain Sciences
MichaelPetersUniversity of Guelph (Canada)

Department of Psychology EmeritusNeuroscience; Applied Cognitive Science
MichaelBarnett-CowanUniversity of Waterloo (Canada)

The Brain and Mind Institute Perception;
Perceived Timing of Multisensory Events
MichaelBrownVillanova University

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences FacultySocial Cognition in Rats;
Bee Cognition;
Human Spatial Cognition;
Spatial Pattern Learning in Rats
Michael DPiburnArizona State University EmeritusGeoscience Education
Michael JKahanaUniversity of Pennsylvania

Department of Psychology

Computational Memory Lab Neuroscience;
Cognitive Neuroscience;
Memory and Learning;
Human Memory and Neural Mechanisms
Michal BBerkowitzETH Zurich (Switzerland)

Research on Learning and Instruction FacultyCognitive Ability of Students in STEM;
Spatial Thinking;
Working Memory;
Mathematical Thinking and Learning
MichelDenisUniversity Paris Sud (France)

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Cognition;
Situated Perception
MicheleBurgioBielefeld University

Department of Sport Science Language and Spatial Cognition;
Spatial Language and Attention;
Language Acquisition and Development;
Concepts Development;
Attention in Reasoning
Michele IFeistUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette

Department of English Semantics; Spatial Language; Psycholinguistics; Acquisition of Semantics, Language and Cognition
MichelleVergesRutgers University
MichelleGreenwoodUniversity of California, Merced

Transfer, Returning and Veteran Program (TRV)
MikeStieffUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Department of Chemistry

Stieff Research Group
MintaoZhaoUniversity of East Anglia (UK)

School of Psychology

Person and Space Perception Lab Recognition; Spatial Navigation
MiriamNovackNorthwestern University
MollyMilliansEmory University School of Medicine Needs Education; Inclusive Education
MollyFlahertySwarthmore College

Department of Psychology FacultyLanguage Acquisition;
Cognitive Development;
Linguistic Environments
MonicaCastelhanoQueen's University (Canada)

Department of Psychology

Queen's Visual Cognition Laboratory Attention and Visual Memory
MosheKrakowskiYeshiva University

Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration Change and Cognition; Ultra‐Orthodox Jewish Education, Worldview, Epistemology, and Culture in Schools; Curriculum Development in Judaic Studies; Problem-Based Learning
NachumUlanovskyWeizmann Institute of Science (Isreal)

Department of Neurobiology

Laboratory of Nachum Ulanovsky
NadeekaDiasERT Clinical and Management of Human Clinical Research
NancyKanwisherMassachusetts Institute of Technology

Brain & Cognitive Sciences Department

Kanwisher Lab FacultyCortical Selectivity;
NancySteinUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology Interaction; Cognitive Science
NancyPantojaUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology StudentDevelopmental Psychology
NaohideYamamotoQueensland University of Technology (Australia)

School of Psychology and Counseling Psychology
NatashaAbnerUniversity of; Fieldwork; Semantics;
Syntax; Psycholinguistics; Morphosyntax; Sign Language
NathanGeorgeAdelphi University

Department of Psychology Psychology
NehaiFarrajTel-Aviv University

Sagol School of Neuroscience. Cognitive Neuroscience
NeilAlbertColgate University

The Office of Institutional Planning and Research neuroscience;
Memory consolidation;
NeilBurgessUniversity College London

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience FacultyExperimental Medicine;
Personalized Medicine
NeilSchmitzer-TorbertWabash College

Brain and Memory Lab
NektariaTryfonaGeorge Mason University

Department of Computational and Data Sciences

Mason DataLab; STEM Education; Computing Education
NeonBrooksKaiser Permanente Center for Health Research Analysis
Nicholas AGiudiceUniversity of Maine

School of Computing and Information Science

The Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) Laboratory Psychology; Cognitive Neuroscience; Human-Computer Interaction
NicoleLaDueNorthern Illinois University

Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Visualization and Geoscience Education Research Lab Thinking and Geocognition;
Visuals in Science Education;
Recruitment and Retention;
K-12 Earth Science Literacy
NicoleScottUniversity of Minnesota

Brain Sciences Center Cognitive Sciences
Niescja ETurnerTrinity University

Department of Physics and Astronomy Storms
NinaSimmsNorthwestern University

Cognition and Language Lab
NirOrionWeizmann Institute of Science (Isreal)

Department of Science Teaching Curriculum Development for the Earth Science Curriculum;
Research In Science Teaching;
In-service Courses in Earth Sciences
NooraHamdanTemple University

Department of Psychology Educational Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Psychology
Nora SNewcombeTemple University
OlgaZeglinskaUniversity of Chicago
PageWidickUniversity of Pennsylvania
PamelaPernissUniversity of Brighton

School of Humanities
PanosMavrosUniversity College London

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis Student
Panrong PennyYinNorthwestern University
ParisaKordjamshidiTulane University

Department of Computer Science Intelligence; Machine Learning; Natural Language Processing
PaulDudchenkoUniversity of Stirling (Scotland)

Department of Psychology FacultyBehavioral Neuroscience;
Spatial Cognition; Learning and Memory
PaulaGoolkasianUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte

Department of Psychology Emeritus
PauloSantosUniversity Center of the FEI (Brazil)

Artificial Intelligence in Automaton Group
PeiiChenKessler Foundation

Stroke Rehabilitation Research Laboratory Neglect and Disorders
PekkaRäsänenUniversity of Turku (Finland)

Department of Social Research of Consumption, Wellbeing and Inequality; The Use of Information and Communication Technologies; Research Methodologies
PelhamCarterBirmingham City University (United Kingdom)

Department of Psychology FacultyOnline Forum Use;
Virtual Reality;
Avatar Use
PeteKhooshabehArmy Research Laboratory;
Cognitive Science;
PeterGerjetsKnowledge Media Research Center (Germany)

Multimodal Interaction Lab
PeterAnthamattenUniversity of Colorado Denver

Department of Geography & Environmental Sciences;
Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
Environmental Health;
PeterLennoxUniversity of Derby (UK)

College of Arts, Humanities and Education Mapping; Spatial Perception; Philosophy of Perception; Augmented Perception; Soundscape Analysis, Composition and Perception
Peter JMarshallTemple University

Department of Psychology

Developmental Science Laboratory Psychology; Social Cognition; EEG; Cognitive Neuroscience
PhilipGersmehlUniversity of Minnesota

Geography, Environment & Society EmeritusGeographic Education; Spatial Cognition; North America Physical Geography
PierreDasenUniversity of Geneva

Faculty of Psychology and Education of Geocentric Space
PierreJolicoeurUniversity of Montreal

Department of Psychology

MEG (Magnetoencephalography) Laboratory; Cognitive Neuroscience; Cognitive Psychology; Computer Models; Neuroimaging
Pierre-FrançoisGerardUniversity of London

Computing Department FacultyVirtual Reality in Architecture Visualisation Workflow
PingLiPennsylvania State University

Department of Psychology

Brain, Language and Computation Lab Among Language, Brain, and Culture
PragyaAgarwalUniversity for the Creative Arts Education;
Creativity and Mental Health
PriyaRajakumarNorthwestern University
PriyankaSrivastavaInternational Institute of Information Technology (India)

Perception and Cognition Lab and Auditory Perception; Cognition; Human Factors; Spatial Perception and Representation; Virtual Reality
PulkitSinghalInternational Institute of Technology (India) Science; Human-Computer Interaction; Behavioral Science
QiWangSun Yat-sen University (China)

Department of Psychology and Memory
QiliangHeIllinois State University

Department of History
Quynh LeBaUniversity of Calgary (Canada)

Department of Ecosystem and Public Health Science;
RachelSnyderNorth Carolina State University

The Institute for Advanced Analytics
RachelMyerTemple University

Department of Psychology Student
Raechel APortelliMichigan State University

Department of Geography Knowledge; Computation; Visualization of Remote Sensing Imagery
RaedyPingNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology and Learning; Working Memory; STEM Education
RafaelNunezUniversity of California, San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science

Embodied Cognition Laboratory Cognition; Empirical Study of Spontaneous Gestures; Cognitive Linguistics; Psychological Experiments; Neuroimaging
RajaParasuramanGeorge Mason University

Department of Psychology memoriamNeuroergonomics
Ramon ELopezUniversity of Texas Arlington

Department of Physics Physics; Space Weather
Randi AllisonDoyle
RaniaMcCauleyTemple University
RanilSonnadaraMcMaster University (Canada)

Department of Surgery
https://ranil.comFacultyBehavioral Neuroscience
Ranxiao FrancesWangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Department of Psychology & Perception
RaymondCrookesColumbia University AlumniAffects of Societal Framing on Individual or
Group Decision Process;
Identity and Obligation
RebeccaFrauselUniversity of Chicago
Reginald GGolledgeUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Geography memoriamBehavioral Geography
ReyyanBilgeIstanbul Sehir University (Turkey)

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology FacultySpatial Cognition;
Individual Differences on Spatial Tasks;
Cognitive Processes
RicLoweCurtin University of Technology

School of Education
RichardAshleyNorthwestern University

Binen School of Music Theory and Cognition
RichardSproatO'Reilly Media and Computational Linguistics
RichardCarlsonPennsylvania State University

Department of Psychology FacultyConscious Control of Skilled Mental Activity;
Control and Experience Change with Increasing Skill
RichardDuránUniversity of California, Berkeley

Department of Education; Educational Measurement; Cognitive Psychology; Psychosocial Development
RichardIvryUniversity of California, Berkeley

Department of Psychology

Cognition and Action Laboratory (CognAc) Neuroscience
RichardLehrerVanderbilt University

Department of Teaching and Learning
Richard AlanDuschlPennsylvania State University

Department of Curriculum and Instruction;
Instructional Methods and Design;
Learning Assessment;
Learning Sciences
Richard EMayerUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Psychology FacultyScience of Learning and Instruction
RickRichardsonIdaho State University

Department of Instructional Design and Educational Leadership Development; Teaching Methodology; Professional Development
RickGilmorePennsylvania State University

Department of Psychology

The Gilmore Lab Neuroscience
RickDaleUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Department of Communication FacultyComplex Dynamical Systems
RobertRossDublin Institute of Technology

School of Computing
RobertKolvoordJames Madison University

College of Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE) Tools; Applications of GIS; Data Visualization; Simulation and Modeling
Robert RDownsColumbia University

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) Staff
Robert SBednarzTexas A&M University

Department of Geography FacultyGeographic Education;
Urban-economic Geography
RobertaKlatzkyCarnegie Mellon University

Department of Psychology
RobertaGolinkoffUniversity of Delaware

School of Education
RobinFlanaganWestern Connecticut State University

Psychology Department Media Effects;
Math Learning;
Ecological Context of Cognition;
General Non-Declarative Learning
Roger MDownsPennsylvania State University

Department of Geography FacultySpatial Cognition;
Cognitive Development;
Geography Education;
Behavioral Geography
RogersHallVanderbilt University

Department of Teaching and Learning

Spatial Learning and Mobility (SLaM) Lab and Learning Science Education
RolandoCastañoSensus Synergy (Colombia)
RosemaryVarleyUniversity College of London

Department of Psychology and Language Sciences FacultyAphasia; Apraxia of Speech; Neurobiology of Speech and Language; the Role of Language in Thought; Cognition in Severe Aphasia
RoyRuddleUniversity of Leeds
School of Computing; Human-Computer Interaction; Visual Analytics; Health Informatics; Gigapixel Displays
RoyTaskerWestern Sydney University

School of Science and Health
RuiLiUniversity at Albany

Department of Geography and Planning Behaviors; Navigation Systems
Rulvon StülpnagelUniversity of Freiburg (Germany)

Center for Cognitive Science
RuojingZhouGerman Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Aging & Cognition Research Group
RussellEpsteinUniversity of Pennsylvania

Department of Psychology

Epstein Lab Neuroscience;
Cognitive Neuroscience;
Memory and Learning;
Sensation and Perception
Ruth ConroyDaltonNorthumbria University (UK)

Department of Architecture and Build Environment FacultySpace Syntax Analysis;
Virtual Environments and Human Factors in the Built Environment
Ruth WChabayUniversity of North Texas

Department of Physics and Chemistry Design;
Computational Modeling
RuxueShaoNorthwestern University

Cognition and Language Lab Student
SabineTimpfAugsburg University

Department of Geoinformatics Information Science;
Spatial Models and Modeling; Spatial Cognition and Spatial Appropriation; Agent-Based Simulation;
Navigation and Pathfinding
SamuelDaySusquehanna University

Department of Psychology
SandraVirtueDePaul University

Department of Psychology Activity During Reading; the Role of Text Difficulty; Spatial Representations During Reading; Bridging and Predictive Inferences
SandraMetoyerTexas A&M University

Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture
SandraBerneyUniversity of Geneva

TECFA Psychology;
Educational Technology
SantiagoEstopàThe Museum of Mathematics of Catalonia & Planning
SaraSteeleMassachusetts College of Liberal Arts in the Berkshires

Department of Psychology and Cognition
SaraFabrikantUniversity of Zurich

Department of Geography
Sara JShettleworthUniversity of Toronto (Canada) FacultyPsychology; Ecology; Evolutionary Biology
SarahAndersonCampus Labs
SarahTitusCarleton College

Department of Geology Magnetism; Spatial Visualization; Structural Geology; Tectonics; Transform Faults
SarahLeonardUniversity of Chicago
SarahCookUniversity of Leeds (UK)
SarahCreem-RegehrUniversity of Utah

Department of Psychology

Visual Perception and Spatial Cognition (VPSC) Lab and Neural Mechanisms Underlying Space Perception and Spatial Cognition; Perception and Action; Spatial Transformations and Motor Imagery; Embodied Cognition; Virtual Environments
Sarah RoseberryLytleUniversity of Washington

Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences
Sarah WBednarzTexas A&M University

Department of Geography Education;
Curriculum & Instruction
Sasikavan PuttenRadboud University

Center for Language Studies Interface of Grammar and Meaning in African Languages
SaskiaKuligaBauhaus University Weimar (Germany)

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Psychology
SatoruSuzukiNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Multisensory Lab Investigations of Global Form Perception; Coding, Selection, and Dynamics
ScottSinnettUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa

Department of Psychology; Attention; Perception; Multisensory Processing; Hemispatial Neglect; Mild Traumatic Brain Injury; Sensory Dominance; Individual Differences in Information Processing
Scott DMoffatGeorgia Institute of Technology

School of Psychology; Clinical Neuropsychology
SeanDuffyRutgers University

Department of Psychology Psychology; Cognition, Development, Culture, Environment
SenXuPennsylvania State University

Geography Department

GeoVISTA Center Student
SeraphimAlvanidesNorthumbria University (UK)

Department of Architecture and Built Environment Social Geography;
Public Health;
Active Living;
Environmental Justice
SeydaÖzçalışkanGeorgia State University

Department of Psychology

Gesture & Language Laboratory’s Contribution to Language and Cognitive Development in Different Learners and Different Languages
ShaaronAinsworthUniversity of Nottingham (UK)

School of Psychology Games;
Personal Inquiry Learning;
Gesture-based Interfaces;
Anonymity in Classroom Discussion;
Emotion Awareness in CSCL
ShacharMaidenbaumHebrew University of Jerusalem

Amir Amedi's Lab for Multisensory Research Student
Shamus PSmithUniversity of Newcastle (Australia) Reality; Human-Computer Interaction
ShanaRamsookPennsylvania State University Development; Spatial Skills
ShannonPrudenFlorida International University

Department of Psychology Psychology; Cognitive Science; Linguistics; Education
Shannon LFitzhughCapgemini Invent Tracking;
Operational Modeling;
Usability Research;
Human Factors Research;
Learning Sciences;
Web Analytics;
Statistical Analysis
Shaun PVeceraUniversity of Iowa

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Visual Cognition Lab Attention; Perception
SianBeilockUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology Faculty
SidHortonNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology Psychology
SimonDobnikUniversity of Gothenburg (Sweden)

Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, Theory of Science Cognition;
Computational Models of Language and Perception; Human-Robot Interaction;
Situated Spoken Dialogue Systems; Computational Representations of Meaning
SisiZlatanovaUniversity of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

Faculty of the Built Environment
So Yoon YoonaYoonUniversity of Cincinnati

Department of Engineering Education Education;
STEM Education; Gifted Education; Program Evaluation;
Spatial Ability Research;
STEM Talent and Performance;
Psychometrics, Structural Equation Modeling;
Item Response Theory;
SorachaiKornkasemColumbia University

Institute for Learning Technologies Science; Educational Psychology
SotaroKitaUniversity of Warwick

Department of Psychology
StaceyParrottNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Suzuki Lab
Stacy(Grossman) JohnsonKennedy Krieger Institute

School Programs Interventions;
Coaching Models
StacyBenjaminNorthwestern University

McCormick School of Engineering

Segal Design Institute FacultyProgram Curriculum Development
StacyEhrlichUniversity of Chicago

UChicago Consortium on School Research Methods to Measure Student Learning and Growth for the Improvement of Education
StanislasDehaeneCognitive Neuroimaging Lab Bases of the Most Fundamental Operations of the Human Brain
StefanMünzerUniversity of Mannheim (Germany)

Department of Educational Psychology Interactions; Learning with Multimedia;
Web-based Cooperative Learning;
Problem Solving in Small Groups;
Computer-Aided Communication
StellaChristieSwarthmore College

Department of Psychology

Cognition and Development Lab the Mind Acquires Knowledge Through the Process of Comparing and Analogizing
Stella FLourencoEmory University

Department of Psychology

Emory University Child Study Center FacultySpatial and Numerical Cognition
StephanReynoldsArizona State University

Department of Geology Mapping; Structural Geology; Regional Tectonics; Geochemistry; Thermochronology; Ore Deposits; Role of Fluids in Tectonic Processes
StephanWinterUniversity of Melbourne (Australia)

Department of Infrastructure Engineering
StephanieWaechterSt. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
StephenGrossbergBoston University

Cognitive and Neural Systems

Mathematics, Psychology and Biomedical Engineering FacultyCognitive and Neural Systems
Stephen CDopkinsGeorge Washington University

Department of Psychology Representations and Negotiations of Physical Space;
Object Recognition Based on Previous Encounters
Stephen CHirtleUniversity of Pittsburgh

School of Computing Information; Cognitive Science; Geographic Information Systems; Information Visualization; Cluster Analysis; Data Mining
Stephen KReedSan Diego State University

Center for Research in Mathematics an Science Education EmeritusCognitive Sciences
Stephen MKosslynHarvard University

Department of Psychology Emeritus
Stephen TylerThrashSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Department of Cognitive Science
StevenFranconeriNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology Thinking; Communication
StevenMooreScience Approach

StevenBeighleyUniversity of Delaware

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Psychology Program Factors
StevenWeisbergUniversity of Pennsylvania Neuroscience
StevenMarchetteUniversity of Pennsylvania

Center for Cognitive Neruoscience

Epstein Lab Human Navigation; Memory
SueBeckerMcMaster University (Canada)

Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour

Neurotechnology and Neuroplasticity Lab Faculty
SumiyoNishiguchiTokyo University of Science

Department of Liberal Arts
SusanHesposNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Infant Cognition Lab Capacities in Infancy and Development
SusanLevineUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Susan Levine's Cognitive Development Lab Development
SusanGoldin-MeadowUniversity of Chicago

The Department of Psychology

Goldin-Meadow Laboratory FacultyLanguage Development and Creation; Gesture’s Role in Communicating, Thinking, and Learning
SusanMethenyUniversity of New Mexico Linguistics
SusanNaylor-EmlenVillanova University

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Spatial Cognition Lab Cognition;
Temporal and Spatial Associations in Cognitive Maps;
Spatial Language
Susan JLedermanQueen's University (Canada)

Department of Psychology Emeritus
Susan LEpsteinThe City University of New York

Department of Computer Science Solving;
Machine Learning;
Cognitive Modeling (FORR); Human Multi-Robot Teams (SemaFORR);
Knowledge Representation;
Spoken Dialogue Systems; Constraint Satisfaction
Susan WagnerCookUniversity of Iowa

Psychological and Brain Sciences Development;
Hand Gesture; Embodied Cognition; Mathematical Cognition;
Language Production and Comprehension
SusannaMillarUniversity of Oxford

Department of Experimental Psychology Vision Science; Cognitive Science; Multisensory Integration
SvenBertelBauhaus University Weimar(Germany)

Faculty of Media

Usability Research Group FacultySpatial Cognition;
Computationally Modeling Mental Reasoning;
Human-computer Interaction;
Visual Attention, Eye Movements,and Mental Heuristics;
Problem Solving Strategies in Architectural Design
SybillaBeckmannUniversity of Georgia

Department of Mathematics Cognition;
Mathematical Education of Teachers; Mathematics Education from PreK to the graduate level; Arithmetic Geometry
Tad TBrunyéTufts University

Department of Psychology Memory; Attention;
Working Memory; Spatial Language and Discourse Comprehension; Multimedia Learning; Educational System Design; Spatial Visualizations
TaliaBerkowitzUniversity of Chicago

Department of Psychology

Center for Early Childhood Research Learning;
Child Development;
Early Childhood Education;
Mathematical Cognition
TaraFlynnTrent Math Education Research Collaborative (TMERC) Researcher
TeresaMacDonaldUniversity of Kansas

Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum Education; Vertebrate Paleontology; Biological Anthropology
TerryRegierUniversity of California, Berkeley

Department of Cognitive Science of Language and Cognition
TeyaRutherfordNorth Carolina State University

College of Education Psychology
ThomasWolbersGerman Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Aging and Cognition Research Group
ThomasPingelNorthern Illinois University

Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences FacultyGeographic Information Science; Spatial Cognition; Geovisualization; LiDAR Processing
ThomasBarkowskyUniversity of Bremen (Germany)

Bremen Spatial Cognition Center (BSCC) FacultyMental Knowledge Processing;
Human Memory;
Mental Models and Imagery;
Intelligent Assistance Systems
ThomasLowrieUniversity of Canberra

Department of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics (ESTEM) Education; Visual Reasoning and Spatial Ability;
Information Graphics and Dynamic Imagery
Thomas FShipleyTemple University

Spatial Cognition Lab
ThoraTenbrinkBangor University (UK)

Department of Cognitive Linguistics Representations; Cognitive processes
TilankaChandrasekeraOklahoma State University

Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising FacultyVirtual and Augmented Reality;
pplication of Tangible User Interfaces in Design Education;
Computational Design;
Design Cognition Navigation;
TilbeGoksunKoç University (Turkey)

Faculty of Psychology and Thought Interactions
TimHermanMilwuakee School of Engineering

Center for BioMolecular Modeling
TimWelshUniversity of Toronto (Canada)

Kinesiology and Physical Education Attention; Movement in Social Contexts; Perception of Nonhuman Animal Bodies and Actions; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
TimothyHubbardArizona State University

Department of Psychology Biases and Cognitive Dynamics; Psychophysics and Visual Imagery;
Music Cognition and Auditory Imagery; Consciousness Studies and Philosophy of Mind
Timothy PMcNamaraVanderbilt University

Department of Psychology

Spatial Memory and Navigation Lab Memory
TobiasMeilingerMax Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (Germany)

Department of Human Perception, Cognition and Action
TobyBransonUniversity of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia

Department of Health Science, Adelaide Medical School StudentNeuroscience;
Todd MGureckisNew York University

Department of Psychology

Computation and Cognition Lab
TomVergutsGhent University (Belgium)

Department of Experimental Psychology

Verguts Lab
TomasoVecchiUniversity of Pavia (Italy)

Department of Brain and Behavioural Sciences
ToruIshikawaUniversity of Tokyo

Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies Spatial Cognition and Behavior
TracyLoganUniversity of Canberra (Canada)

Faculty of Education Education;
Secondary Data Analysis;
Spatial Ability
TyBoyerGeorgia Southern UniversityFacultyCognitive Development;
Social Cognition;
Action Understanding;
Spatial and Numerical Cognition;
Judgement, Decision-making, and Risk-taking
TylerMarghetisIndiana University Bloomington

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

The Percepts and Concepts Laboratory Cognitive Science
UtaSassenbergHumboldt University of Berlin

Department of Psychology memoriam
Vanessa RSimmeringUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Simmering Lab FacultyCognitive Neuroscience; Developmental; Perception
Verner PBingmanBowling Green State University

Department of Psychology FacultyAnimal Navigation; Migration; Neurobiology
VickiChungNorthwestern University

School of Education and Social Policy of Immigration and Acculturation on Child and Family Outcomes
VictorSchinaziETH Zurich (Switzerland)

Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences and Neuroimaging Techniques; Navigation
VictorFerreiraUniversity of California, San Diego

Department of Psychology

Language Production Lab FacultyLanguage Production and Communication
Victoria DChamizoUniversity of Barcelona

Department of Cognition, Development, and Educational Psychology Cognition and Association Learning
Vinay KChaudhriSRI International

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center and Engineering of Large Knowledge Base Systems; Knowledge Representation; Reasoning; Question Answering; Knowledge Acquisition; Innovative Applications
VinodGoelYork University

Department of Psychology Science; Cognitive Neuroscience
VladAyzenbergEmory University

Department of Psychology StudentSpatial Thinking and Math
VyshnaviRameshEducational Technologies
WadeGoodridgeUtah State University

Engineering Education and Environmental Engineering
Wai-Kiang AlbertYeapAuckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

Department of Artificial Intelligence
WeiminMouUniversity of Alberta (Canada) Spatial Cognition
WenkeMöhringUniversity of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Department of Psychology Development; Spatial Cognition; Embodied Knowledge; Mental Imagery; Children’s and Infants’ Intuitive Physics; Time Perception
WernerKuhnUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Geography
WilliamWarren Jr.Brown University

Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
William BThompsonUniversity of Utah

School of Computing EmeritusComputational Vision; Spatial Organization
William HOvermanUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington

Department of Psychology
Xiaoang Irene WanTsinghua University (China)

Department of Psychology
XiaoliChenOtto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)

German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

Aging & Cognition Research Group Spatial Navigation Ability
Xiaoou LiZhangCenter for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Mexico)

Department of Computer Science Nets Applications; Neural Networks for System Identification; System Modelling and Simulation; Knowledge Based System
XimenaCidCalifornia State University

Department of Physics and Quantitative Analysis;
Teaching and Learning of Physics Content
Xuehui KateLeiUniversity of Alberta (Canada)

Department of Psychology Student
YaelKaliUniversity of Haifa

Department of Learning, Instruction and Teacher Education Faculty
Yangqing LucieXuNorthwestern University

Department of Psychology

Visual Thinking Lab
YanningYuNorthwestern University

School of Education and Social Policy Student
YanxiaFengXiamen University China

Department of Philosophy

Fujian Key Laboratory
YingLinTemple University
Yingying JenniferYangMontclair State University

Department of Psychology

Spatial Development Lab Development; Individual Difference in Spatial Cognition and Visual Search
YoelDonchinHebrew University of Jerusalem"> Factors
Yuhong VJiangUniversity of Minnesota

Department of Psychology

Attention, Memory and Cognition Laboratory; Human Attention and Memory; Brain Imaging
YukariOkamotoUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Education FacultyCognitive Development; Cognitive Psychology; Mathematical Cognition; Problem solving
ZacharyEstesBocconi University Milan

Department of Marketing and Cognition in Consumer Behavior and Marketing
ZacharyHawesNumerical Cognition Laboratory StudentPsychology; Education; Neuroscience
ZoeFalomirUniversity of Bremen (Germany)

Bremen Spatial Cognition Center Qualitative Modeling and Reasoning in Spatial Cognition; Applications in Human-Machine Interactive Systems, Robotics, Education, and Ambient Intelligent Systems
ZygmuntPizloPurdue University

Visual Perception Lab FacultyCognitive Science
BhaduriSrinjitaUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Department of Computer Science and Institute of Cognitive Science StudentHuman Computer Interaction;
Learning Sciences