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Spatial Reasoning Instrument


Description: The paper-and-pencil Spatial Reasoning Instrument (SRI; Ramful, Lowrie & Logan, 2016) consists of 30 multiple-choice items based on three constructs (with 10 items per construct): namely, mental rotation, spatial orientation and spatial visualization. The design of the SRI is aligned to the type of spatial maneuvers and task representations that middle-school students may encounter in mathematics and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-related subjects. The SRI is intended to assess the ability to think deeply with, and apply, spatial thinking skills in school-aged children.
Reference: Ramful, A., Lowrie, T., & Logan, T. (in press). Measurement of spatial ability: Construction and validation of the spatial reasoning instrument for middle school students. Journal of Psychoeducational AssessmentDOI

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The Spatial Reasoning Instrument

The scoring key

Email the Lead Researchers/Contacts:

Ms. Tracy Logan, University of Canberra (Australia):

{ Tracy.Logan [at] canberra [dot] }

Professor Tom Lowrie, University of Canberra (Australia)

{ Thomas.Lowrie [at] canberra [dot] }

Dr. Ajay Ramful, Mauritius Institute of Education (Mauritius):

{ a.ramful [at] mieonline [dot] org }