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Sue Hespos’ Infant Cognition Lab to Premiere on Netflix

Sue Hespos, advisory board member of SILC, studies what babies know. Her lab, the Infant Cognition Lab, explores how “children learn to perceive and reason about the world around them.” Hespos took part of Netflix’s new docuseries “Babies” in an episode titled, “What Babies Think” which will air in Part Two of the series later in June or July. Northwestern Now caught up with Hespos in an article about her inclusion into the docuseries. The series follows fifteen babies throughout their first year of life to document the developmental wonders of the human baby.

Hespos’ work focuses on the cognitive developments of infants. SILC had the honor of hosting Hespos for a SILC Talk last January where Hespos presented data on “the early evidence for conceptual knowledge and discuss conceptual development prior to much influence from language and culture. These studies revealed new insights about the nature of representational abilities that emerge early in development and focus on aspects of cognition that are continuous through development.”  You can find out more about Hespos’ work, including how you and your baby can participate in her research, on the Infant Cognition Lab website.

From first breath to first steps, witness the magic and explore the mystery of the first year of life. #babiesonnetflix