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Teachers’ Spatial Skills Across Disciplines and Education Levels: Exploring Nationally Representative Data

Atit, K., Miller, D. I., Newcombe, N. S., & Uttal, D. H. (2018). Teachers’ spatial skills across disciplines and education levels: Exploring nationally representative data. Archives of Scientific Psychology, 6(1), 130-137.

This article focuses on the spatial skills of early childhood and grade school teachers. The findings are based on a  longitudinal study dataset, Project TALENT, that sampled about 400,000 high school students in 1960.  Many of the participants stayed in the study for decades, and thus it was possible to see what occupations they entered.  This paper looks at the spatial skills of those participants who became teachers.  The results indicate that spatial skills are highest amongst high school teachers who teach STEM subject areas. It may be important to increase spatial learning in pre-service teachers.