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Tests and Software

This is a listing of all the tests and software that is currently available through SILC. Click on the link to navigate to the independent page for each resource which includes information about the test such as the appropriate population, where you can access the resource, and references relevant to the resource.

CategoryTest NameTest Webpage
Force & MotionHedgehog Game
Mental BendingNon-Rigid Bending Test
Mental (De)FragmentationMental Brittle Transformation Test
Metal FoldingMental Folding Test for Children (MFTC)
Mental Slicing & Penetrative ThinkingCross-sectioning for Children
Mental Slicing & Penetrative ThinkingCrystal Slicing Test
Mental Slicing & Penetrative ThinkingGeologic Block Cross- Sectioning Test
Mental RotationAnimal Mental Rotation
Mental RotationChildrenu2019s Mental Transformation Task (CMTT)
Mental RotationGhost Puzzle
Mental Rotation Stereochemistry Task
Mental RotationTouch Screen Puzzle
NavigationVirtual SILC Test of Navigation (SILCton)
Perspective TakingPerspective Taking Test for Children (PTT-C)
ScalingSpatial Scaling Test (SST)
Spatial AssemblyTest of Spatial Ability (TOSA)
Spatial Education SoftwareCogSketch
Spatial Education SoftwareLaboratory of Artificial Intelligence for Design (Lai4D) Designer Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence for Design (Lai4D)u00a0Designeru00a0
Spatial LanguageSpatial Language Coding Manual
2D to 3D TranslationDiagrammatic Representations Test (DRT)
Understanding Topographic MapsTopographic Map Assessment (TMA)
Spatial LanguageGeometry Playground Spatial Language Coding Manual
Mental RotationLibrary of Shepard and Metzler-type Mental Rotation Stimuli
Mental RotationMental Rotation Stimuli (Giorgio Ganis)
Memory Object-Location Memory Task
Spatial OrientationObject Perspective/Spatial Orientation Test
Spatial Visualization Revised Purdue Spatial Visualization Test (Revised PSVT:R): Visualization of Rotations
Cross SectioningSanta Barbara Solids Test (Inferring cross sections of 3D objects)
Spatial Reasoning Spatial Reasoning Instrument
Spatial ReferenceSpatial Reference Frame Proclivity Test
Mental RotationThurstone Primary Mental Abilities (Mental Rotation Task)
Mental RotationVandenberg & Kuse Mental Rotation Test (Redrawn version)
MemoryVirtual Morris Water Maze
Spatial VisualizationVisualization Assessment and Training (VIZ)
Spatial VisualizationVisualization of Views Test
NavigationVirtual Path Integration Task