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Virtual SILC Test of Navigation (Silcton)



Description:  Administered on a desktop computer, this measure assesses how accurately an individual can learn the layout of buildings around a large-scale outdoor environment. The entire paradigm takes approximately 30 minutes.
Population: 8-16 year olds and Adults
Test Location:
Alternatively, or as a backup, you can download the offline standalone versions of all 4 routes and the pointing task. Please follow the instructions in the zip folders for how to use them. 
Silcton Standalone_Mac (folder)
Silcton Standalone_PC (folder)
If you would like to use Silcton in your own research, please email Steven Weisberg: stevenweisberg [at] ufl [dot] edu
FAQ:  If you have any other questions, consult the Documentation folder
Reference: Weisberg, S.M., Schinazi, V.R., Newcombe, N.S., Shipley T.F., & Epstein, R.A. (2014). Variations in cognitive maps: Understanding individual differences in navigation. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 40(3), 669-682. [Abstract] [DOI]. 

Nazareth, A., Weisberg, S.M., Margulis, K., & Newcombe, N.S. (2018). Charting the development of cognitive mapping. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 170, 86-106.[Paper]