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Why spatial reasoning matters for education policy: Remarks from Professors Jonathan Wai and David Uttal

“AEI’s Ryan Streeter hosted a discussion with Jonathan Wai from the University of Arkansas and David Uttal from Northwestern University. Dr. Wai and Dr. Uttal presented findings from their new report on the importance of spatial reasoning and offered proposals for reform in light of the new research.

They began the event by highlighting some interesting findings. First, spatial reasoning is a stronger predictor of STEM performance than is mathematical or verbal reasoning. Second, an individual’s spatial skills can be improved through training and education. Both scholars noted, however, that testing for spatial reasoning ability is markedly absent from nearly all standardized tests and college entry evaluations. As a result, these skills are often ignored in early education, which may result in a significant loss of talent.”

You can read the full event description and summary here and watch the livestream below.